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How to view Bonus Ads?

Started by haikhan2002 Nov 03rd, 2020 at 02:26
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Nov 03rd, 2020 at 02:26
Hello Everyone. In This Topic I Will Guide You How You can View The Bonus Ads. So Lets Start It.

First You need To Go To The View Advertisement Page Where You View Ads Daily. Scroll Down of The Page.

Click on An Ad. After Clicking It Will Open A New Tab. So In The Previous View Ads Page. There Will Be A Timer.

You Do Not Have Any Work Now In Ads Page. You Have Work In The New Tab. So Go There. You Will See Page Like This. Ignore All Pop Ads.

Solve The Captcha And Scroll Down. You Can See click here to Continue. Click There.

After Clicking There It Will Open New Page In The Same Tab With A Timer Like This.

Wait For It And Scroll Down. First It Will Show Getting link. And After It Will Show Get Link. So You need To Click There.

After Clicking There. It Will Redirect To The Site Link.

Now You Need To Come Back To The Ads Page And Click The Upside Down Picture.

Click On It. After Clicking It Will Show Thanks For Watching. Now You Can Close It.

Already The Balance Must get Credited In Your Account.

Note: You Must View The Ad With Proper Way To Get Credited.

So Hope You Understand How You can View Bonus Ads.

Good Luck To All!
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Thank you!

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Super instructions

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